We invite you to learn our history. Join us on this adventure that began at 2005 with the opening of the Azurmendi Restaurant and continues until our days with the ENEKO project.


Opening of Azurmendi restaurant


  First Michelin star for Azurmendi* restaurant


Second Michelin star for Azurmendi** restaurant
estrella Azurmendi estrella Azurmendi


Opening of the bioclimatic building

Third Michelin star for Azurmendi*** restaurant
estrella Azurmendi estrella Azurmendi estrella Azurmendi


The Prêt À Porter restaurant distinguished as Bib Gourmand (quality cuisine at moderate prices) by the Michelin Guide

Opening of Aziamendi in Thailand


Eneko Atxa wins the National Gastronomy Award 2015 for Best Head Chef

Eneko Atxa featured in the select group of Young European’s Leaders


Opening of the ENEKO restaurant in Larrabetzu

Opening of the ENEKO restaurant in Tokyo

Eneko Atxa wins the Lifestyle 10 award in gastronomy category

First Michelin star for ENEKO restaurant


Eneko Atxa wins Best Chef Award 2019 in Europe by Madrid Fusion.

Eneko Atxa wins the National Prize for Healthy Gastronomy to the Most Outstanding Personality 2018.


Azurmendi wins a green star for its commitment to sustainability.

ENEKO wins a green star.


Eneko Atxa wins the first ‘Sustainable Sun‘ Award from the Repsol Guide.

Azurmendi wins the Sustainability Award from Madrid Fusión.

Opening of BASQUE restaurant in Seville.


Opening of NKO restaurant in Bilbao.

Opening of BASQUE, Nigiri Basque House and Debokata restaurants in Madrid.

Eneko Atxa receives the ‘MadBlue Cinco Océanos’ 2022 Award for his work in sustainability.

Eneko Atxa, Sustainability award from Gentleman magazine.


Opening of BASQUE restaurant in Bilbao.